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Camera Gear and Studios Rental

At Aclam Rental we offer digital cinema, photo and lighting professional equipment. The rental of audiovisual gear in Barcelona is our specialty, but not the only one: we have two studios for rent and a photo laboratory as well.

We work with the most recognized brands in the market so you can achieve excellent results: Arri, Red, Cooke, Zeiss, Freefly, DJI, SmallHD, Blackmagic, Atomos, Leica, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Phase One, Schneider, Hasselblad, Profoto, Elinchrom and Kinoflo are some of the brands that you will find available to rent. Check our catalog and, if you have any questions, contact us, we’ll help you! 

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  • Alexa Mini
    664,29 € In Stock
    Arri Alexa Mini

    The Arri Alexa Mini is the most versatile tool in the Alexa camera range. It allows you to record 4K UHD, anamorphic and open gate images with great dynamic...

    549,00 €
    1 day 366,00 € EXTRA DAY
    In Stock
  • Zeiss Superspeed MKIII // T1.3
    535,43 € In Stock
    Zeiss Superspeed MKIII // T1.3

    Since the 70's with the introduction of the B-Speed, Zeiss has been improving the design of its super-luminous lenses with each iteration of the product...

    442,50 €
    1 day 295,00 € EXTRA DAY
    In Stock
  • Crane 2 // Gimbal
    36,30 € In Stock
    Crane 2 // Gimbal

    3-axis electronic stabilizer for DSLR cameras up to 3.2kg. Supported cameras: Canon EOS Series, Sony Alfa Series, Lumix GH Series and Nikon D Series.

    30,00 €
    1 day 20,00 € EXTRA DAY
    In Stock
  • Red Scarlet-W
    268,62 € In Stock
    Red Scarlet-W

    Mid-range camera from RED, with the 5K Dragon sensor and the new DSMC2 form factor. It has 16,5+ stops of Dynamic Range and can record up to 300fps on 2K...

    222,00 €
    1 day 148,00 € EXTRA DAY
    In Stock
  • Speed Panchro x7
    544,50 € In Stock
    7 Speed Panchro Case

    This lenses reigned over all the great cinema productions of the 70s. Now, thanks to  TLS's rehousing, we can enjoy the quality and the imagery that those...

    450,00 €
    1 day 300,00 € EXTRA DAY
    In Stock
  • Sumo 19" Monitor/Recorder 4K 60p HDR
    65,34 € In Stock
    Sumo 19" Monitor/Recorder 4K 60p...

    Sumo 19 is Atomos' large format Monitor and Recorder. Its 19 inches panel in HDR allow you to obtain and record video signal in 4k RAW, ProRes and DNxHR. Due...

    54,00 €
    1 day 36,00 € EXTRA DAY
    In Stock
  • Tripod with Oconnor Ultimate 2560 Head
    217,80 € In Stock
    Tripod with Oconnor Ultimate...

    The company with the most famous fluid heads for Cinema made this spectacular and lightweight head that can support up to 37,7kg.

    180,00 €
    1 day 120,00 € EXTRA DAY
    In Stock
  • Shoulder Rig Kit
    85,31 € In Stock
    Shoulder Rig Kit

    The Shape Shoulder Rig is a versatile shoulder support that holds from small DSLRs to high-end cinema cameras such as Red or Canon. Its patented Push-Button...

    70,50 €
    1 day 47,00 € EXTRA DAY
    In Stock